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Web Dev Path

Tech stack: React, Next.js, Sass

#Open-source | #Team
Collaborating remotely across different timezones with other developers and designers. Updating project documentation. Updating footer and about us page based on Figma design. Made the site a Progressive Web App (PWA). Participating in code review and testing for cross-browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness in multiple screen sizes with each pull request, using git.

Live Repo

wedesign website


Tech stack: React, Firebase

Collaborating remotely with 3 other developers, we built this MVP within 6 weeks, applying Agile methodologies for project management. Users can register/login with email/password or Google to have access to the voting page. Then users can upload two photos, be able to vote which photo they like more and add comments to the page to discuss the photos.

Live Repo

Personal Projects

JavaScript weather project

JavaScript Weather App

Built with HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and API integration

react dictionary project

React Dictionary App

Built in React, using state management, reusable card component, CSS module and API Integration

Random Password Generator project

Password Generator

Built in JavaScript, includes 1-click copy to clipboard for each random password. Coded from Figma design.